Can Video Games Really Be Educational?

  1. It is true, some of the games the kids play do involve thoughtful strategy, foresight, teamwork and most of them offer goals to work toward. And I agree with them that these are all good skills to develop.
  2. There are many games on the market that offer core learning in a gamified format. I am actually seeing more and more of these programs entering the classroom as well. In this instance, digital games are just the delivery model for the core content and this can be an extremely effective way to teach.
  3. There have been numerous studies that recognize the more a child engages with their learning, the more learning they retain. It harkens back to the days of science experiments in class. The hands on and interactive nature of learning helps kids to visualize the theory.
  4. Repetition is key to memory recall. Video games and digital learning are designed in a way that encourages repetition or continual practice. They do this by making the experience fun and enjoyable. When a kid is having fun, they play more. This equals more skill practice and development. This may not necessarily be a bad thing. I remember having to repeat the times tables with flash cards over and over again. This forced me to remember though sheer repetition, but it was hardly enjoyable.



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Pam, Co-founder MoneyPrep

Pam, Co-founder MoneyPrep


MoneyPrep is a leader in real world financial education for children, teaching kids how to become responsible money managers with bright financial futures.